Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Mammoth Catch up - Mua test, Vivien of Holloway, weddings, Imelda May and more!

So, it's been ages since I updated. It seems I've been running around trying desperately to catch up!

Firstly, here's the results of a colaboration with makeup artist Cher Simmons. I'm really interested in doing more art direction shoots, especially with weird and wacky makeup! I love these photos!

Model: Missy Malone

Secondly, some more shots of Missy Malone for Vivien of Holloway...

Next up is a few shots from a wedding I did on a very hot and sunny day in April for Niki and Mark.

Lastly, I also recently shot with Imelda May and her band for some promo shots. I went over to Gloucester to meet up with them at the Gloucester Guilhall. I got hopelessly lost in Gloucester, my SatNav insisting on trying to take me into pedestrian areas! Luckily I was rescued by a lovely lady who I stopped and asked for directions. She insisted in jumping in my car so she could take me there (you wouldn't get that in Brum!). So a big thank you goes out to her for finally getting me there (unfortunately I can't remember her name, I've a memory like a sieve!).

So, I shot a few pics with the band before Imelda arrived and then with all of them just before the doors opened for their gig that night. I think we managed to get well and truely in the way of one of the bar staff who was throwing a wobbly (and beer kegs!). I then stuck around and shot the gig from the side of the stage - I've never been so hot or sweated so much as Imelda can't use air-con as it messes with her voice!

Photos will be coming soon so keep your eyes peeled!

To finish off I thought I'd leave you a lil pic of me taken by one of my fellow photographers, Gemma Gaskins - this is me folks! I'm lucky that Gemma is such an awesome photographer!